The Many Trade Scenarios For Lakers’ Pau Gasol

Welcome back to the ‘Let’s Fix The Lakers’ series of posts. I was listening to Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report today and he and Joe House had some interesting discussion points:

The Lakers and Heat should swap Pau Gasol for Chris Bosh. The trade (costing a bit more for the Heat in salary) would make sense for both team, and be insanely helpful. Pau plays well on the low block inside (where Bynum was clogging it up) and the Heat need that inside presence. Meanwhile, the Lakers need to let Bynum kill the inside while having their PF play as a more 10-15 ft. shooter type (like Bosh is) and with some great athleticism (ditto). Billy Witz of summed it up nicely (

Sending Gasol to Miami for Chris Bosh might just be the missing piece for both franchises. The salaries are a close enough match to make it work: Gasol has two years and $38.2 million left on his contract; Bosh has four years (the last two are player options) and $78 million on his. And neither owner, the Heat’s Micky Arison nor the Lakers’ Jerry Buss, is afraid to go all in.

If the aforementioned trade went down this would still work great if the Lakers then went after a Bynum-for-Howard trade. Dwight would kill on the inside, Bosh would terrorize one mid-range zone, while Kobe would get the other.

While the idea doesn’t fully address the Lakers’ point guard concerns, Simmons also mentioned Nash would likely go to either the Lakers or the Heat next year. However, IF Phil Jackson would take the Heat coaching job (a chance to coach LeBron AND Wade? Hmmm…) then having Nash there would just make him a spot-up shooter. On the Lakers he could help direct the offense, teach Ramon Sessions (if we still have him) how to be a more elite PG, and either start or come off the bench for some instant offense. Neither team would have big spending room left, but at this point in his career if Nash wishes to win a title more than net a big contract that shouldn’t be a big problem.

However, if both the Pau-for-Bosh and Bynum-for-Dwight moves went down then we would have no chance at Deron Williams. Already the Nets aren’t too hot on Pau, but if Deron clearly stated he wanted to go to the Lakers, then getting Pau would really be one of the best bets for the Nets. A Pau and MarShon Brooks combo would be quite nice, (Gerald Wallace helps too) and they could mine the free agent pool for another decent player to insert into the group.

In the aftermath of the Lakers’ 2nd year in a row second-round exit it’s looking like there may be more trade options for Pau than originally thought. Some will help with the point guard situation (if the Lakers want a more elite player than Ramon Sessions, or he turns down his team option and goes someplace else) while others will close the door on it. Thus far here are what seem like the best bets (excluding draft picks, other players, and cash considerations which would be needed for most any trades to work):

  • Pau to the Nets for Deron Williams (solves star PG problem)
  • Pau to the Heat for Chris Bosh (solves mid-post/elbow PF issue with dominant big in Bynum/Howard)
  • Pau to the Rockets for Luis Scola & Kyle Lowry (replaces with quality PF and budding star PG)
  • Pau to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love (provides a younger, increasingly skilled star PF)
  • Pau to the Bulls for Carlos Boozer & C.J. Watson (Derrick Rose’s ACL tear just made keeping Watson essential to the Bulls)

It’s going to be quite a busy summer for the Lakers, primarily concerning Pau Gasol. While the Bynum situation is more black and white (a straight trade for Dwight Howard or just keep Bynum and extend him), the Gasol dilemma has many avenues to be explored before any major decisions are made.


One comment

  1. Bahador Shojapour


    It was a good BS Report with Simmons. Thanks for the update on that.

    I agree with Simmons 100% about Pau. He should be more aggressive,
    but the main problem with Pau is that he’s literally playing outside of his
    element. Gasol’s better on the post which is currently occupied by Bynum.

    If it’s Pau we trade, then Bosh would be great. However, That would fly in 
    the face of all that Miami boasted about when they assembled this big 3.

    Bosh, Howard and Kobe makes sense. Also agree that Nash on the Lakers
    makes more sense than Miami because Wade and LBJ basically take turns
    at point.

    Nice post Shahin!

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