My first month with my iPad 2









It’s pretty tough to really put my thoughts about the iPad 2 to page without getting a whole lot of hell from my friends who call me an Apple Fanboy, but here goes anyway.

I was a late adopter to the iPad game by getting the iPad 1 right around Christmas. Even though I knew the iPad 2 was coming out in a few months, I figured “meh, it’ll be the same but just a bit different.” Seeing how I’ve gone through each iPhone and had an aluminum Macbook since burning my HP laptop after grad school was over you’d think I’d learn something– but no. As the days inched closer to the iPad 2’s release I totally cracked, sold my iPad 1 on eBay, and stayed up to pre-order the new model like all the other lemmings.

And how happy has it made me! Sure, it’s just marginally lighter than the iPad 1, but its faster processor and higher graphics capabilities really shine across the board. It’s cameras are just o.k., but you wouldn’t get this thing just to film a movie. The FaceTime which I’ve enjoyed so much on my iPhone 4 really translates well here. There are the occasional freezes and glitches, but most of the time it works pretty well. Overall, it’s not so much about it being a “revolutionary” device as much as it is a “supplementary” one. I loved the first iPad because it was sleek, fast, easy to use, has tons of apps for everything, and really can replace your laptop on trips or just sitting back and consuming content.

The iPad 2 takes all the iPad 1 does and just improves upon it. Apple knows what they’re doing in getting people to jump on board the Apple train enough through 1 or 2 releases before really cranking it up down the line. I know I could’ve waiting for the iPad 3 and all its crazy upgrades, but something about playing with the current model made me just not want to wait. Now if you already have an iPad 1 and you’re pretty torn about upgrading, the only question is are you willing to pay to get the same thing but lighter, faster, and with a camera built in. If you’re answer is yes, like me, then just go for it and tell your critics to go to hell 🙂 Otherwise, life won’t drastically change if you stay with your iPad 1.

However, besides the iPad there really isn’t much in terms of competition out on the market right now. 2010 all belonged to Apple, but 2011 has some up and coming entries with the Xoom and (maybe) the Playbook. For all my money I’d still bet on Apple this year, as their just know how to make things fun, pretty, and accessible by everyone. My basic test is simple; when I get something can I show it (NOT explain it) to my Mom and my Dad and have them just “get it” in less than 10 minutes? If the answer is yes then you’ve got a mass market winner on your hands. My parents have been confounded with damn near any tech thing or gadget I’ve ever had with the exception of my iPhone and my iPad. They just “get it” after a few mins, and seeing their smiling faces really does make for another reason to get an iPad; the ability to share it with others who aren’t as tech-savvy as you might be.


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