Testing this out

I’ve never written a blog before, and honestly I’ve been pretty scared to start. I mean, the idea is pretty stupid, crazy, and egotistic if you think about it. I’m writing a digital journal of all the crap on my mind, whether it’s about my favorite TV show or my opinions on the latest iWhatever to hit the market, and I’m crazy enough to hope that people are going to start reading it.

Well, if you never try you’ll never fail… or succeed for that matter. So here it is, for better or worse, my first attempt (yeah, like 15 years late) at blogging. Let’s see how far I take this thing and where it ends up taking me. I’ve got my Facebook account for my circle of friends (and people I think of as just FB friends), my LinkedIn for all my business contacts, my About.me profile for really making a visual representation about “who I am”, and my Twitter for sharing quick quips and cool updates. Maybe this will service as something new for me to throw out reviews, insights, and other opinions in more than just 140 characters. Stay tuned…


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